In Memoriam

Tom Aldredge
Tom Aldredge at the 2004 Tony Awards. Photo by: Jim Spellman/
In Memoriam

Each spring as the American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards® approach, we pause to remember friends and colleagues who have left us during the past year. The names of some of those who worked on Broadway are listed below (May 2011-May 2012). They are always in our hearts.

We invite you to share specific memories about these individuals, and to add the names of others in the theatre community who died during the past year, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Ray Aghayan
Tom Aldredge
Cris Alexander
Ray Aranha
Jeffrey Ash
Maureen Bailey
Robert Baines
Fred Baker
Emery Battis
Doris Belack
Price Berkeley
Zina Bethune
Roberts S. Blossom
Florence Bray
Thomas Martell Brimm
Lynn Brinker
Graham Brown
Ann Diamond Brownstone
Phil Bruns
George Byrne
Michael Cacoyannis
Chris Calloway
Gilbert Cates
Shirley Chambers
Diane Cilento
Liviu Ciulei
Dick Clark
Jeff Conaway
Sam Coppola
Norman Corwin
Ted D’Arms
Shelagh Delaney
Ray Diffen
Stephen Douglass
Margaret Draper
William Duell
Jack Eddelman
Hilly Elkins
Irving Elman
Peter Falk
James Farentino
Aniko Farrell
Mary Fickett
Martha Flynn
Clebert Ford
Roger Franklin
Dan Frazer
Jonathan Frid
Leo Friedman
Alan Fudge
Margaret Gathright
Ben Gazzara
Bruce Gordon
Rodney Griffin
Donald Grody
Ulu Grosbard
Michael Hall
John Hallow
Roger Hamilton
Edward W. Hastings
Gardner Hayes
Mary C. Henderson
Tresa Hughes
Katherine Hull
Maureen Hurley
Eiko Ishioka
William C. Jackson
Charles Jaffe
Davy Jones
Judd Jones
Robert Karl
Tom Kelly
Marketa Kimbrell
Howard Kissel
Audrey M. Koran
John Kroner
Fran Landesman
Jerry Leiber
Judy Lewis
Christina Lind
George Lindsey
Mort Lindsey
Michael Lipton
Peggy Craven Lloyd
Phyllis Love
Ralph Lowe
Jet MacDonald
Laurie Main
Theodore Mann
Marion Marlowe
George Martin
Ray Mason
Anna Massey
George McGrath
Sid Melton
Paul Michael
John Milligan
David Mitchell
Harry Morgan
Felix Munso
Gene Myers
John Neville
Patricia Neway
Melva Niles
Sam Norkin
Jess Osuna
Virginia Payne
Alice Playten
David Pressman
Joyce Redman
Paul E. Richards
Linda Robbins
Howard A. Roberts
Cliff Robertson
Philip Rose
Herbert Rubens
Beatrice Salten
Terry Saunders
Tom Sawyer
William Schelble
John Scoullar
Jack Sevier
Robert B. Sherman
Patricia Sigris
Bradshaw Smith
Harold Smith
Betty Spitz
Morgan Sterne
Tony Stevens
Warren Stevens
Leonard Stone
Alan Sues
Grant Sullivan
Henry Sutton
John Swearingen
Yasuko Tamaki
Florence Tarlow
Clarice Taylor
Giorgio Tozzi
Paul Trueblood
Margaret Tyzack
Renata Vaselle
Michael Wager
Mike Wallace
Daniel Watkins
Bernard West
David Wheeler
Kenneth White
Jane White
Dick Anthony Williams
Nicol Williamson
Ethel Winter
Edwin Judd Woldin
John Wood
Evelyn Wyckoff

List complete as of May 9, 2012.

Revised July 5, 2012