A rule-busting multimedia extravaganza that fuses the most iconic 20th-century rock with the most world-renowned classical compositions.

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The classical masters defined music. The gods of rock defied all the rules. When their greatest works collide, a new revolution in music is born. Rocktopia features five world-class vocalists, backed by a full symphony orchestra, an electrifying rock band and a powerhouse choir. The anthems of Queen and Journey meet the odes of Beethoven. The power of Zeppelin merges with the poetry of Puccini. The greatness of The Who blends with the grandeur of Strauss.


  • Rocktopia features a choir of 40 and an orchestra of 20.
  • "Rocktopia: Live in Budapest" was the inaugural version of the show. It was recorded at the Hungarian State Opera House by PBS. The show has since toured to more than 20 U. S. cities, featuring local symphonies and choirs across the country.


This is a world premiere production.