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The 2014-2015 Broadway Season

Wolf Hall Parts One & Two
Based on the best-selling novels by Dame Hilary Mantel, these exhilarating stories of power and persuasion transport audiences to the volatile court of Henry VIII, where words cut like steel and the shadow of the Tower loomed over all.

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Winter Garden Theatre
Opening Night - April 09 2015
A scene from <i>Wolf Hall</i>.A scene from Wolf Hall. Photo by: Johan Persson


Part One (Wolf Hall): England, 1527. The court of Henry VIII is in upheaval as the King rages over his lack of a male heir. But when Henry's anger turns to passion for the alluring Anne Boleyn, the Pope refuses to grant him an annulment from Henry’s wife, Catherine of Aragon. Into the fray steps Thomas Cromwell, a man of great ambition and humble origins who has earned himself a place in the court. Cromwell realizes that the courtier who can get Anne into Henry’s bed will win the highest favor of the Crown.

In Part Two (Bring up the Bodies), Cromwell has succeeded in getting King Henry VIII his divorce. Anne Boleyn is now Henry’s queen, and Cromwell has been made the King’s chief adviser…and chief fixer. But Anne has failed to deliver Henry a male heir, and the King turns his eyes towards a new conquest: Jane Seymour. Cromwell believes his only hope to satisfy the hot-blooded Henry is to align with his greatest enemies in the court. But whose head will pay for his ruthless ambition?


  • Many of the familiar characters in Wolf Hall, including Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, have been depicted in numerous works of art. The lesser-known central character, Thomas Cromwell, was portrayed as a villain in Robert Bolt’s 1962 Tony Award-winning Best Play, A Man for All Seasons.
  • Both of the novels on which the play is based were awarded the prestigious Man Booker Prize, Wolf Hall in 2009 and Bring the Bodies in 2012. The third novel in this projected trilogy, The Mirror and the Light, is expected to cover the last four years of Cromwell's life, from the execution of Anne Boleyn (1536) to Cromwell's execution (1540).


The two parts of Wolf Hall debuted at the Royal Shakespeare Company before transferring to London’s West End and then Broadway. The play is an adaptation by Mike Poulton of a pair of best-selling novels by Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall and Bring the Bodies, performed in rotating repertory.


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