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The 2014-2015 Broadway Season

Doctor Zhivago
A sweeping musical romance that revolves around five intertwined lovers set against a panoramic portrait of a nation in upheaval during the final days of Czarist Russia, the First World War, and the chaos of the Russian revolution.

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Broadway Theatre
Opening Night - April 21 2015
(l.-r.) Kelli Barrett and Tam Mutu in <i>Doctor Zhivago</i>.(l.-r.) Kelli Barrett and Tam Mutu in Doctor Zhivago. Photo by: Matthew Murphy


Doctor Zhivago celebrates the strength of love and art, in the face of political oppression and revolution. Raised as an aristocrat, Zhivago is a political idealist, physician and poet whose life is tossed by the tides of history as he is torn between a life with his devoted wife, Tonia Gromeko, and the passionate and mysterious Lara Guishar. Zhivago however, is not alone in his yearnings for Lara, and must compete with both revolutionaries and aristocracy alike to win the heart of the woman he cannot live without.


  • Russian author Boris Pasternak completed the novel Doctor Zhivago in 1956, but it was banned in the Soviet Union. Soon after it was published in the West the following year, the author was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • In addition to Academy Award-winning film adaptation by David Lean, the novel has spawned at least two TV adaptations.


Doctor Zhivago is based on the novel of the same title, Nobel Prize-winner Boris Pasternak’s 20th-century epic Russian masterpiece. The musical debuted at California’s La Jolla playhouse (as Zhivago) in 2006 with a book by Michael Weller, music by Lucy Simon, and lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers.


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