Bake Your Own Tony Award

By Hunter Bell

Hey Tony junkies! In the words of the strippers from Gypsy, " You too can be a star"...and make your own Tony cake. Not easy, but I know you can do it!

You will need:

A picture of a Tony award or an actual Tony for reference
Square cake pan (8 or 12 inch)
Instant cake mix and the stuff you need for that
Chocolate icing
Black-and-white cookie (or similar sized sturdy cake-like cookie)
Yellow icing
Black gel icing for writing
Long wooden kabob skewers
Sturdy craft wire
Yellow rainbow Twizzlers
Graham crackers

So let's start with what you're working on. Find an image of the Tony Award (like the one at right) and keep that image handy to inspire you. Or if you've already won a Tony...use that as a reference. Patti LuPone, I'm talking to you!

For the base, I take some liberties. I rock an 8- or 12-inch square pan and just have one square base (8x8x2 or 12x12xx2). Then, like Sandra Lee semi-home made, I rock a cake mix. So that's your base. Bake it, ice it with chocolate frosting. Lick the bowl. Lick the spoon. Set that aside.

But Hunter, what about that medallion part? Here's my secret. New York black-and-white cookie, people. You can usually find at your local bakery or supermarket. They are perfect size and spongy consistency. (If you can't find that cookie, a Moon Pie or other big round cookie will do!) Take that cookie and ice one side with yellow icing.

Next take your black icing gel and go to town creating your comedy tragedy faces on your yellow medallion.

Now take a couple of long wooden skewers or kabob sticks. Put them out and set to the side.

Next you'll need some rainbow Twizzlers. Pull out the yellow ones and eat the rest. Delicious.

Now you'll need some sturdy craft wire. Nobody said this would be easy, people...but it's your Tony party so hang in there!

Thread the wire through your yellow Twizzlers. This will make that side arch on your medallion. Bend the wire into an arch. It will probably take two Twizzlers. Now, attach the top wire Twizzler to the top of your wooden skewer (the not pointy end). Then, skewer your iced black and white cookie (it might take two skewers to hold that cookie up) but skewer your cookie down the middle. Bend your Twizzler arch around the side to match your Tony pic, and attach the wire to the bottom of the skewer. That's your Tony topper.

Note: This will be messy and maybe a two-junkie job, but go for it. The mess is half the fun!

Now take that topper and place it in the center of your chocolate cake base. You may need to add another skewer to hold it all up. Ice the back of the black-and-white cookie with your yellow icing.

Looking good!

Next take a graham cracker square and your black icing gel. And write your name on the award. You won a Tony! That is your name plate plaque that you will affix to the side of the chocolate base.

And voila! You have made you're very own Tony Award cake. Be sure to write an acceptance speech and recite it in front of your friends and family when you present your beautiful cake!

Note: Odds are it will fall over, but before it does snap me a pic with you and your peeps and send 'em to us at!

For inspiration, check out the cake pics from some of my Tony junkie pals past efforts. Yes!

Happy cake baking junkies! Tony Award cake 2010! Wooooo!Revised Tuesday, 09 May, 2017