It's a Daily Double for Broadway: The Tonys on “Jeopardy”!

On October 9, contestants on the popular TV quiz show Jeopardy tested their Broadway IQs in a Tony Awards®-themed category. 

Here are some of the clues.  See how well you do – and remember to phrase each answer in the form of a question! (Correct answers below).


Clue #1: On some enchanted evening in 2008, this musical won 7 Tonys, the most ever for a revival.


Clue #2: This “Murder, She Wrote” actress has hosted or co-hosted a record 5 Tony telecasts.


Clue #3: The extraordinary journey of Joey and the events of 1914 and after are magnificently portrayed in this 2011 Tony award winning best play.


Clue #4: Two have won Tonys for playing the opposite sex: Mary Martin as Peter Pan & this actor as Edna Turnblad in “Hairspray.”


Clue #5: This daughter of Christopher Plummer & Tammy Grimes is the only winner whose parents both won Tonys.


The Answers


1. What is South Pacific?

2. Who is Angela Lansbury?

3. What is War Horse?

4. Who is Harvey Fierstein?

5. Who is Amanda Plummer?

Revised Tuesday, 09 May, 2017