In Memoriam 2015

Mike Nichols
Mike Nichols accepting a 2012 Tony Award for Best Direction of a Play for Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. Photo by: Andrew H. Walker Getty/WireImage


We pause to remember friends and colleagues in the Broadway community who have left us during the past year (May 2014-May 2015).

Each spring as the American Theatre Wing's Tony Awards® approach, we pause to remember friends and colleagues who have left us during the past year. The names of some of those who worked on Broadway are listed below. They are always in our hearts.

We invite you to share specific memories about these individuals, and to add the names of others in the theatre community who died during the past year, by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

Ellen R. Albertini

Jayne Meadows Allen

Ruth Allen

Roy E. Andrews

Maya Angelou

Diane Armistead

Kay Arnold

Edward Atienza

Lauren Bacall

Seymour Barab

Sondra Barrett

Bob Barry

Nicole Barth

Emory Bass

Quinn M. Bass

Ruth Bedford

Ted Beniades

Polly Bergen

Anna Berger

Bunny Briggs

Michael Brown

Dora Bryan

Robert Carle

John Carpenter

Robertson Carricart

Lynne Carter

Zachary A. Charles

Stanley Chase

Peter Clark

Gina Collens

Booth Colman

Matthew Cowles

Toller Cranston

Bob Crewe

Lou Criscuolo

Jonathan Crombie

B.J. Crosby

Margaret Croyden

Steve Curry

Jack Dabdoub

Ann B. Davis

Ruby Dee

Oscar de la Renta

Angelo Del Rossi

Milton DeLugg

Jay Devlin

Timothy F. Donovan

Judith Doty

Ervin M. Drake

Richard A. Dysart

Eugene Louis "Luigi" Faccuito

Theodore J. Flicker

Sally Forrest

Kenneth Foy

Joe Franklin

James Garner

Stefan Gierasch

A. Gino Giglio

Gerry Goffin

Karen Walter Goodwin

Carlos Gorbea

Lesley Gore

Göran Graffman

Gail Grate

Svetlana McLee Grody

Mary Rodgers Guettel

Carole L. Haber

Lawrence Hamilton

Jay H. Harris

Joseph P. Harris

Donald Harron

Mary Healy

Edward Herrmann

Mary Hinkson

Geoffrey Holder

Joan Holloway

Will Holt

Alan Howard

Robert L. Hultman

Frances Ingalls

Barrie Ingham

John Randolph James

Dorothy Dorian James

Louis Jourdan

Charles Keating

Don Keefer

Charles Kindl

Ernest Kinoy

Joel Kramer

John Kuhn

Matt Landers

Bob Larimer

Mordecai Lawner

Jon Lee

Ira Lewis

Dennis Lipscomb

Robert H. Livingston

Joan Lorring

Brian MacDonald

Michael Maitland

Victoria Mallory

Nancy Malone

Johnny Mann

Terry Marone

Anthony D. Marshall

Cosmo Matassa

Alice Hammerstein Mathias

Michael McCarty

John McClure

Geraldine McEwan

Anne Meara

Martin Meyers

Martha Miller

Mary Ann Mobley

Dan Mojica

James Moore

George Morrison

Barry Moss

Dale Muchmore

Rosemary Murphy

Vivian Nathan

Peter Neufeld

Mike Nichols

Leonard Nimoy

Elizabeth Norment

Audree Norton

Leon Oxman

Robert F. Panara

John Pinette

Seth Popper

Ed Preston

Luise Rainer

Dave Ratajczak

Greg Reuter

Joan Rivers

Brooks Rogers

Julius Rudel

Gerard Russak

Donald Saddler

Gene Saks

Joe Sample

Joy Saunders

Bernice Weishoff Saunders

Richard Schaal

Herb Schapiro

Ted Schwartz

Lizabeth Scott

Kenneth Scott

Richard Seader

Marian Seldes

Charlie Serrano

Arthur Shafman

Mark Shannon

Joan Shea

Luke Sickle

Donn Simione

Donald Sinden

Dick Smith

Lew Soloff

Elaine Stritch

Elaine Swann

Ward Swingle

Martin Tahse

Michael Tartel

Ron Tassone

Meshach Taylor

Andrea "Spook" Testani

Evan Thompson

Jay Thompson

Stuart Vaughan

Daniel Von Bargen

Betsy von Furstenberg


Eli Wallach

Randy Weeks

Peter Whelan

Myrna White

Billie Whitelaw

Phyllis Wilcox

Robert T. Williams

Robin Williams

Gordon Willis

Sandy Wilson

Julie Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

Iva Withers

Joel Wolfe

Bernie Yvon

 Marian Seldes

 Robin Williams

 Elaine Stritch

 Lauren Bacall

 Luise Rainer

Anne Meara (pictured with husband Jerry Stiller)

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 Geraldine McEwan

 Polly Bergen

 Meshach Taylor

 Ann B. Davis

 Gerry Goffin

 James Garner

 Edward Herrmann

 Mary Rodgers Guettel

 Donald Sinden

 Geoffrey Holder

 Charles Keating

Alice Hammerstein Mathias

 Mary Ann Mobley

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