The American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards® Presented By:
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The American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards® are presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing. Both organizations issued statements in response to the killing of George Floyd and the epidemic of racial violence and injustice in America.

From The Broadway League

Broadway League Statement on Equity and Inclusion

The Broadway League believes in promoting an equitable and inclusive theatre community and recognizes that our industry must change in order to reflect those values. To that end, The League is committed to promoting anti-racist policies and practices in our organization and our industry through raising awareness, providing opportunities for meaningful dialogue and sharing resources with our membership. As live theatre makers, we understand that it is through the experience of listening to and learning from each other’s stories that we come to better understand each other’s journeys. Black lives matter, and the members of the Broadway League are committed to providing a safe space where these stories can be shared and the seeds of change can take root.

We also acknowledge that business practices need to be greatly improved, and we commit to encouraging all of our members and partners, whether producers, general managers, presenters, unions, guilds or vendors, to confront racism, build inclusive cultures and create career opportunities which advance BIPOC artists and professionals in our industry, whether backstage, onstage or in the executive suite.

From The American Theatre Wing

The most recent examples of racial violence and injustice in America against the black community that culminated in the senseless and unjust killing of George Floyd—are devastating and have added to a persistent and truly horrific narrative about who America is as a nation. We, as the leaders of the national theatre community, have a critical role here, to not only to denounce racism of any kind within our communities, but to also support, produce, and promote work that reflects and celebrates our beautifully diverse society, creates new narratives, deepens empathy and understanding, and changes hearts and minds. It is our duty to make sure the black lives in our community are not marginalized or endangered in any way, that they are not silenced or demeaned. The American Theatre Wing stands with communities of color today, tomorrow, and always. Black stories matter. Black opportunities matter. We must all speak out, do better, and drive out hate and prejudice from wherever it hides because all lives will only truly matter when #blacklivesmatter. #changethenarrative