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Richard Bean’s fast-paced comedy thriller is a comedic look at the world of snooker-the British version of pool. Dylan Spokes, a fast-rising young star, arrives for a championship tournament only to be confronted by the authorities warning him of the repercussions of match fixing. Before he knows it, Dylan is forced into underhanded dealings with a cast of wildly colorful characters that include his ex-convict dad, saucy mum, quick-tongued manager, and a renowned gangster, to boot.


Samuel J. Friedman Theatre


Sept. 27, 2018


Nov. 11, 2018


Richard Bean


Snooker is similar to pool, but played on a larger table with 22 balls. The table is covered with green cloth, whose fuzzy texture is called its “nap.”

The play’s finale included an abbreviated snooker game, played live for the audience.


Richard Bean’s comedy premiered at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, U.K., in the spring of 2016.