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From Jack Thorne, the writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, comes a theatrical take on an epic modern myth. Featuring an electrifying new score by Marius de Vries (La La Land) and Eddie Perfect, King Kong comes alive on Broadway through an innovative mix of robotics, puppetry and stagecraft. The story follows an ambitious young actress and a maverick filmmaker as they voyage from the bustling streets of 1930s New York to an uncharted island to capture the greatest wonder the world has ever seen.


Broadway Theatre


Nov. 8, 2018


The musical’s title character, a 20-foot, 2000-pound gorilla, springs to life thanks to a team of more than a dozen seamlessly integrated artists and technicians who operate onstage and behind the scenes. He is voiced live by an offstage performer.

King Kong began life as the title character of a 1933 film from RKO Pictures. A novelization of the screenplay came out in late 1932, a few months before the film was released. Since then, Kong has appeared in dozens of films, TV shows, comic books, graphic novels, books, and more—but this his first appearance as the star of a Broadway musical.


Prior to Broadway, an earlier production of the musical took place in Australia in 2013 in a substantially different form with a different creative team.